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APN, CPA accounting services design not only to help customers file accurate tax returns but also to assist in arriving at sound management decisions.

The accounting services the firm provide for each client depends on the company particular circumstances. For some clients, this involves reviewing the work of their internal accountants or bookkeepers. For others, it requires the preparation and maintenance of the entire set of books, journals, and ledgers.


My quarterly and monthly accounting services include record expenses, record receipts, reconcile bank accounts, generate an income statement, create a balance sheet, and making necessary journal entries to correct general ledger. I am always available to spend time with you, so you fully understand how to interpret and utilize the financial information I provide.


I offer payroll processing in two options: comprehensive payroll services and after the fact payroll services. In comprehensive payroll services, I will handle the entire payroll process from preparing payroll checks or direct deposits (clients’ choice), EFTPS tax deposits, to all State and Federal payroll reporting needs. In after the fact payroll services, I will take your manual-prepared payroll records and other payroll information post this information to my payroll system to file quarterly federal and state payroll tax reports, EFTPS tax deposits. 

Additionally, I prepare sales tax and information returns, such as the 1099 form series, W-2 and W-3 forms at year end.

For businesses have over one hundred employees, I recommend that clients outsource their payroll preparation and reporting to a payroll service such as ADP or Paychex. 


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